World Peace Volunteers | World Peace Volunteers campaign for peaceful election 2008
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World Peace Volunteers campaign for peaceful election 2008

World Peace Volunteers campaign for peaceful election 2008

Ghana’s democracy is under test, from this time to election and our ability to succeed will help consolidate and strengthen democracy, Mr. Seth Osei Acheampong, president of World Peace Volunteers, said on Friday. In a press release in Accra, he explained that Ghanaians were peace-loving people and must do their possible best to ensure a transparent election apart from the violence-free campaign to sustain the country’s fragile democracy.

By their motto, “Violence, an Enemy to Development”, the World Peace Volunteers firmly believe that in the interest of sound democracy, every politician or political party activity should be devoid of acts and speeches that could provoke others to react negatively to ruin the beauty of the coming elections.

They appealed to all politicians to bear in mind that if the upcoming general elections were not peaceful because of their actions or inactions, their political ambitions will be defeated.

The World Peace Volunteers said all politicians should refrain from unnecessary condemnation of their opponents adding, “It’s easier to criticize than to create and that is why there are more critics than creators.”

Media practitioners were also advised to ensure fairness in the coverage of all political activities.

The group also appealed to the Electoral Commission to put its house in order so as to eliminate all doubts in the minds of people such as vote rigging which could cause violence.