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World Peace Volunteers (WPV) established World Peace TV/World Peace Radio with the aim of addressing both the root causes and triggers of conflicts before potentially explore into violence through specific TV/Radio programming and editorials choices. Issue-based programs, for example, help cast a light on societal inequalities, structural imbalances, poverty, resources or land disputes, corruption, arms racing among others would be provided.

World Peace TV/Radio is considered as a means for reconciling people, fostering relationships among families and nations and promoting mutual understanding. We serve as a strong medium in delivering the message of peace and love, forgiveness and compassion, caring and sharing, kindness and empathy among people.

We cast various programs aiming youth formation and character development through classes, mediations, speeches, seminars and discussions led by eminent motivational speakers and life coaches.

Our media outlets provide a chance for individuals to reflect upon their lives, express themselves and understand their desires, hopes, doubts and hence move forward with an aim in life. We also stream family motivation, guidance, counselling, coaching and mentoring programs for broken families and thus bind them in love and peace. The devotional songs streamed take the listeners and viewers to a relaxed mood, have a soothing and calming effect that affects the brain positively and elevate your mood and spirits.