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Peace Wins


“Voices of Peace” (VOP) is captivating and influential program that aims to promote peace, harmony and understanding in today’s world, especially towards election 2024 in Ghana. This unique initiative brings together renowned and prominent personalities from various fields to share their insights, experiences, and thoughts on peace through engaging video coverage. By leveraging the power of storytelling and the charisma of these individuals, “Voices of Peace” aims to inspire individuals and communities to embrace peaceful coexistence and work towards a more harmonious future.


Inspiring Peaceful Coexistence: The program seeks to inspire individuals to embrace empathy, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence with others, regardless of differences in culture, religion, ethnicity, or background. The program is to promote peace as a desirable and achievable goal. By featuring prominent personalities who advocate for peace, the program aims to inspire and encourage individuals to embrace peaceful ways of resolving conflicts and fostering harmony.

Raise Awareness: The program seeks to raise awareness about the importance of peace in various aspects of life, including persona relationships, and the world at large. It aims to educate viewers about the benefits of peace and the consequences of violence and conflict.

Foster Dialogue and Understanding: By featuring prominent personalities, “Voices of Peace” encourages meaningful conversations around peace, fostering dialogue and understanding among viewers. The program intends to create a platform for meaningful discussions and dialogue on peace-related topics. By featuring diverse prominent personalities with different perspectives and experience, the program encourages viewers to engage in constructive conversations about peace, conflict resolution, and social harmony.

Inspire Action: the program aims to motivate viewers to take action towards promoting peace in their own lives and communities. By showcasing the stories and insights of prominent personalities who have made significant contributions to peace, the program seeks to inspire individuals to become agents of positive change and actively work towards creating a more peaceful world.

Engage a Wide Audience: The program strives to reach a broad audience and engage people from different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups. It aims to transcend barriers and promote a message of peace that resonates with individuals from various walks of life.

Provide Role Models: The program seeks to present prominent personalities as role models for peace. By highlighting their achievements, values, and efforts towards peacebuilding, viewers to emulate their actions and make a positive impact in their own spheres of influence.

Encourage collaboration: The program aims to emphasize the importance of collaboration and collective action in achieving peace. It may feature examples of successful collaborations between individuals, organizations, and communities that have contributed to peacebuilding effort, encouraging viewers to seek partnerships and work together towards common goals.

Create a Lasting Impact: The program aspires to leave a lasting on viewers by instilling a sense of hope, empathy, and empowerment. It aims to motivate individuals to continue their commitment to peace long after the program concludes, fostering a ripple effect of positive change I society.

Amplifying Diverse Perspective: The program aims to showcase a wide range of voices, including individuals from different countries, professions, and walks of life, highlighting the university of peace and its relevance to all.

Empowering   Communities: Through video coverage of prominent personalities, Voices of Peace” empowers communities by providing them with role models and thought leaders who have made significant contributions to peacebuilding.


Though-Provoking Interviews: The program features in-depth interviews with prominent personalities known for their dedication to peace, exploring their personal journeys, philosophies, and initiatives. These interviews delve into their perspectives on peace, the challenges they have faced, and the actions they have taken to promote harmony.

Inspiring Stories: Through powerful storytelling, “Voices of Peace” shares inspiring stories of individuals who have made a positive impact on their communities and the world. These narratives highlight the transformative power of peace and serve as examples for viewers to emulate.

Global Impact: The program aims to create a global audience worldwide, to disseminate messages of peace. The video coverage is made available through various media channels, including online platforms, social media networks, and broadcast outlets.

Interactive Engagement: “Voices of Peace” encourages viewer engagement through interactive elements such as Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions, panel discussions, and community forums, facilitating a broader conversation on peace and fostering an inclusive dialogue.

Collaborations and Partnerships: The program actively collaborates with organizations, institutions and individuals working towards peace and social harmony, “Voices of Peace” expands its reach and impact, creating a network of like-minded individuals committed for peacebuilding.


“Voices of Peace” serves as a beacon of hope, uniting prominent personalities and individuals from diverse backgrounds to advocate for peace through compelling video coverage. By amplifying the voices of those dedicated to fostering harmony, the program inspires individuals, communities and societies to embrace peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and understanding. Through collective efforts “Voices of Peace” aims to create a world where peace is not just an aspiration but a shared reality for all.